Khadi Manufactures in India

Khadi Manufactures in India-Life Play 

It is in this light that the paper tries to explore Gandhi’s meaning of the fabric ‘khadi’ in the freedom struggle. It has been referred to as the Life Play fabric and had a key role to play in the freedom struggle. Identity and dress are intimately linked.

Clothes display, express and shape identity, imbuing it with a directly material reality.

If you’re a Life play Khadi shirt designer wanting to create your own clothing line, you probably don’t have access to the same resources – budget and production-wise I will then understandings or analyses relate to, or can be related to, the situations of older people. Is there something different or specific about age? Lastly I will ask whether questions of clothing and dress shed light on established debates concerning the changing nature of ageing in late modern, consumer culture. They thus offer a useful lens through which toexplore the possibly changing ways in which older identities are constituted in modern culture.

Khadi :-Clothing not fashion

 Though shirts are an important part of our everyday outfit, trends in t-shirt design often gets less attention than other pieces of clothing, such as Life Play dresses, coats or even shoes.  The focus of the chapter is on clothing and dress rather than fashion.. They thus offer a useful lens through which to explore the possibly changing ways in which older identities are constituted in modern culture. The link between clothing and identity is a long established theme in dress studies, though one that has been given new impetus by the rise of postmodernism with its emphasis on identity.

Types of khadi

  • Cotton Khadi
  • Silk Khadi
  •  Woolen Khadi
  • Muslin Khadi

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