Collection of linen shirt in India

Collection of linen shirt in India

Designed for the fashion forward men’s shirt , this loose and comfortable collection in white linen comes with short and long shirts, drop shoulders, fascinatingly placed pockets. Choose from innovative best designs in lifeplay print on cotton and linen . for a more traditional look, browse the new shirt collection that is perfect for the hot Indian summer.

Smart and handsome look when you use accessorize with the handsome designs of linen shirts for men at lifeplay . Select from a lifeplay of men’s linen shirts in attractive short and long sleeve styles as your choice. Enjoy a modern approach to the basic short sleeve shirt with choice linen cuts in an assortment of colors and cotton blends. Our long sleeve men linen shirts offer versatile dress accents for a variety of fashion statements. Look sharp in long sleeve men’s linen shirt designs in solid colors and extended sizes for an assortment of relaxed casual options with lifeplay. Comfort and easy style with the classic fashions of linen shirts for men from lifeplay linen shirt in India.

Fashion with Khaddi

The Summer Mood board is a manifestation of the designer’s personal connection with nature and is created with a lot of love and passion. The innovative cuts, use of hues and fabric effectively showcases this personal touch in this high-fashion. Basically, lots of designers in Lifeplay will make things on a per-order basis for you. I just show a design of shirt in lifeplay, so here are the items I had made! Based on some of my favorite shirt I already had. Remember, this cotton will shrink, so pre-wash. If it doesn’t fit quite right, you can get it altered more just work together with lifeplay.

Big brand of shirt in India

We are the largest producer of khadi shirt in India and also largest producer of linen shirt in India. With such a background of lifeplay shirt, it is only natural that most of our fashion would use these lifeplay shirts. Khadi is not merely a piece of cloth. It is a philosophy. A way of life, A symbol of empowerment, self-dependence, pride of history, Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of the relevance of roots. that have hold the big market of khadi shirt through lifeplay .

With a collection for men aged 15 to 45 years, you can now dress up the little ones in cool, comfortable wear allowing them to adorn chic silhouettes that are also ideal for lifeplay. Choose pieces created in soothing colors such as beige, cream, white and sky blue, embellished applique detailing and embroidery. With quality cuts and more, this collection has a lot to offer in lifeplay.

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